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  • Thomas Anderson accepts Gracie Award for Friends

  • Thomas Anderson accepts Gracie Award for Friends

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The Lounge

with Thomas Anderson

Mon-Fri  11am – 3pm

Thomas anderson - gracie     Time for a Break!
Grab your afternoon coffee and kick back in The Lounge. Thomas  Anderson opens the doors to this eclectic show and you’ll experience  Classic and Contemporary Urban Adult music, conversation, comedy,    interviews, entertainment features and more. The Lounge offers 360     degrees of entertainment.






FEATURES, is a one-hour program that spotlights Contemporary or Classic Recording Artists.

During the broadcast, you’ll hear well known songs and information about the Artists. “Features,” will air every Friday at Noon (Eastern) and feature a new Artist on The LMB Network (,.and is available to current and future Affiliates. The Show is repeated the following Tuesday.

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