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No Love, No Biopic

The Tupac biopic will not be directed by John Singleton, according to an Instagram post shared by the Boyz n the Hood director.

Singleton announced his departure from the Tupac Shakur biopic after he insisted that the producers were showing no respect to the iconic rapper, his legacy or his family.

Real talk! The reason I am not making this picture is because the people involved aren’t really respectful of the legacy of Tupac Amaru Shakur,” his Instagram message read. “I won’t say much if you want you can read my articles in Hollywood Reporter on authenticity in Black Storytelling…to Pac’s real fans just know I am still planning a movie on Tupac.”

The message was displayed under a screenshot of an article confirming that Carl Franklin will replace Singleton as the biopic’s director.


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 “Tupac was much more than a hip hop artist…He was a black man guided by his passions…of most important his love of black people and culture…something the people involved in this movie know nothing about,” Singleton continued.

Singleton is backing out of this project but that does not mean he doesn’t still plan on doing a Tupac biopic at some point.

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