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Issa Rae: More Than an Awkward Black Girl

Issa RaeWhile surfing YouTube one evening I stumbled upon a web series with an interesting title. Having nothing else to do I decided to watch it. To my surprise I quickly became addicted and wanted more of this hilarious comedy. I just couldn’t get enough of “Awkward Black Girl“. This series follows a young black woman through her job, love and uncomfortable social situations. Unlike its name this series was anything but awkward. I found myself dying from laughter at 3:00 am and quickly searching for other shows from its phenomenal creator Issa Rae.  ”

During my search I ran across other Issa Rae productions including The “F” WordThe Choir, and Ratchetpiece Theatre.

Today this not so awkward black girl’s YouTube videos have made her a social media sensation. Expanding far beyond the internet, Rae now has a New York Times best-seller “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” and a HBO pilot “Insecure”.

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