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Good Vibrations with Sam Archer


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Samuel ARcher


Take a cruise to the Caribbean and enjoy the best Reggae, Soca, Calypso and World music. Feel the warmth of the music and rhythms with Trinidad’s native son.




I grew up in a rich musical environment in my home and out of my home. Any kid that grew up in the 70s and the 80s with any musical talent probably suffered from the same things: Variety. We had a large record collection with a long list of groups I took the liberty of playing time and time again. I soaked up the many genres that were in my house and a lot of these influences are what I use when I’m working on a production. In my mind I can take a musical pattern from an old funk or rock and cut and paste arrangements as I go.
I’ve worked on many recordings spanning from 1989 to present. My travels included rubbing shoulders with some of the best in the business. I’m happy to be alive to experience the transition from the reel-to-reel analog days into the digital age. The advancement of technology continuing to unravel and moving to heights unknown in this music industry is stimulating.

My services include music arrangements, MIDI programming, beats (exclusive and non-exclusive use), vocal arranging, digital audio editing, film scoring and all aspects of recording and production.
Song writer services….

Demo your song to pitch to other artists, publishing companies or start pre-production for
yourself by formulating songs with experienced producer/arranger.

Baby Girl/B2K
Jive to Epic
I’d just returned from a Caribbean tour and hooked up with my contact at Jive records. We agreed to meet up the next day so that afternoon I went to my studio where I taught piano lessons. That afternoon I wrote “Baby Girl,” and the next day I played the keyboard and sang it live in the writing room at Jive. It turned out that Jive wasn’t interested in the song. When my contact person moved over to Epic, the song was introduced and became one of the songs on B2K’s Debut album. The album went on the be certified Gold.
If you’re looking for a producer with major experience and you want your music to excel, contact me.
Sam Archer:


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