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RAUCH: We Are a Voice

rauchA lover of the esoteric, musical vibrations and the poetic word, this creative force named Ruach makes one of her contributions to the global family through music.

Loaded with positive messages, inspiring and entertaining, Ruach’s unique musical offerings invites and guides her fans on a journey to the soul..exploring accepted norms and social standards…asking the listener to look deeper within self.

A child of the rich culture of Jamaica, Ruach grew up surrounded by the cultural diversity only available on this tropical isle…those reflections and influences heard in her Reggae and R&B fusion melodies.

Among Ruach’s current projects is included the release of her latest single, WATERING I with accompanying music video and Co-Host of Ruach’s Rap, heard on WGLRO.COM broadcasting out of Huston Texas weekdays from 7:00 am- 10:00 am

The Single Watering I has already begun to create it’s own space on the music landscape, winning for it self the BEST REGGAE BALLARD Award from the Akademia Music Awards

Fans of Ruach’s music have been treated to the release of singles such as IF WE BELIEVE. Released in June 2013 and the long awaited release of Ruach’s debut album EVOLUTION in October 2013.

Available on ITunes Evolution offers fans a deeper peek into the energy that is Ruach. The album features nine beautiful tracks including lead single IF WE BELIEVE. Songs from the album have enjoyed top ten positions during 2013 on stations in the USA including Shyrick Dancehall Radio from St.Louis Ruach has also been featured in Miami Musik Buzz Magazine and Soul Central TV among other media, publications and interviews.

Releases for 2014 included productions out of Cell Block Studio namely, the single WHO AM I, now enjoying huge support and nominated for the Miami Music Buzz Excellence in Music Award, and I’m Worth It, recorded and donated to the A21 Campaign supporting the fight against human trafficking

Writing from the early age of ten, in a household filled with music…as is the norm in many Jamaican homes, Ruach now shares her creative talents in addition to music through Fashion Designing with the launch of her line of Resort and beach wraps; Holistic Therapy and Charity work..recognizing that the greatest benefit to the individual can only be attained through contributing to the greater good of the whole.

Ruach’s sojourn in holistic therapy over the last ten years, has made her an expert in modalities including, Massage Therapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Acupressure, Reflexology and Aroma Therapy.
Step into her world and experience the energy and unique soul of Ruach..

Video courtesy of our Dallas Affiliate,  WGLRO Radio

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