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Though her beginnings were humble, it was clear from the start that Jenn Bocian was destined to scale illustrious heights in her career as an entertainer. Bocian received classical training in voice throughout her upbringing in Harrisburg, PA, and went on to graduate from Lebanon Valley College with a BA in vocal performance. She then traveled the US, performing at a variety of events for which she often jenn-bocia-2received awards and accolades. Still yearning to reach higher goals for herself, she began taking on a diverse array of roles within the entertainment industry, including that of front woman for Harrisburg-based rock & roll cover band, “Not Quite Einstein”.
After two years, she moved on to continue pursuing her vision of achieving personal success on a larger scale, beyond the quiet settings of her hometown in PA. As timing would have it, she was snatched up by a model scout for the Wilhelmina Agency, and was swept into the beginnings of a career as a model, building her portfolio and attending castings. Simultaneously, however, she caught the eye of an independent talent agent who was attending one of her live shows, and whose prior work with a veteran NYC-based producer led to the hatching of a master plan. A drastic change of course ensued, paving the way for the budding young star’s relocation to New York, making her once far-off dream of success as a recording artist suddenly within reach.
Her rich and sultry vocals, along with the sheer lung power this pop princess possesses make for an irresistible combination. Her presence as a force to be reckoned with, and her imminent domination in the industry are undeniable.
Page Six of the New York Post recently gave Bocian a shoutoutfor her new video for single, “Don’t Love You”, saying:
“We’d expect Britney Spears to chart on Maxim’s list of “Sexiest School Girl Videos”. But a surprise entry went to newcomer Lady Jenn for her dance tune “Don’t Love You.”
Of the video itself, MAXIM quotes:
“There’s no room for love in this kind of lusty gyration. Only the forbidden heat we call…lambada.”

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