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Buika is Carrying Her Own Weight

by Joyce Oscar

I’m always surfing the internet and hanging out on You Tube looking for new movies, new music, or just anything that gets me away from the norm. Just this week I ran across an artist that I had never heard before. Instantly I was envious of all the people who have been enjoying her music all along. Buika  tells wonderful stories with her music. I now have something new to add to my collection. Read more about Buika below and enjoy “Carry Your Own Weight”, a collaboration with Jason Mraz. Jason is a two-time Grammy Award winner whose music has a strong Brazilian influence.



It takes a lot of guts to expose your true self to others, and acclaimed singer, songwriter, poet, composer and music producer, Buika (pronounced BWEE-ka), does that every night she goes on stage. As plain as the tattoos on her skin, Buika bears her soul to her fans across the world, whom she affectionately calls her “tribe.” This summer, Buika continues her journey of storytelling across Europe and South America in support ofbuika her latest album, fittingly named Vivir Sin Miedo (To Live Without Fear). Her eighth album and one with the most English lyrics, Vivir Sin Miedo, co-produced by Grammy Award-winning Swedish producer, Martin Terefe (Mary J. Blige, Mutya Buena, Coldplay) features Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, German neo-soul artist Meshell Ndegeocello, and Spanish underground flamenco legend Potito.

Born Maria Concepcion Balboa Buika in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Buika grew up immersed in Spanish culture with her African-born parents. Surrounded by multiple cultures throughout her life, Buika had a variety of musical influences, from jazz and flamenco to pop, soul and African polyrhythm. This eclectic upbringing shaped Buika’s ability to make music without limitations. During her 15-year recording career, her albums flow seamlessly between pop, jazz, soul, reggae, afro beat, R&B and flamenco. Equally diverse are her collaborators, which include Pat Metheny, Anoushka Shankar, Chick Corea, Nino Josele, Bebo and Chucho Valdez, Seal and Nelly Furtado. Filmmaker and longtime fan, Pedro Almodovar, remarked about Buika, “Seeing her draw from such different genres…mix them all together with such grace and spontaneity, one cannot help but think that there is a brighter future as long as one can witness the boundless evolution of this infinite performer.”

For Buika, her music is more than a career. She says, “Sometimes in the music business, people do what they think other people will like. But that’s a limitation. I just want to be true…I just do what


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