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What Advice Does Chris Jasper Give


If you are familiar with The Isley Brothers, then you know Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Chris Jasper an integral member of the group during the 70’s and 80’s. If you are familiar with The Isley Brothers, then you have heard the music of Chris Jasper, who was primarily responsible for writing, arranging and producing all of the group’s music during this time.

In 1992, Chris Jasper, along with the other members of The Isley Brothers, was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and in 2014 and received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2015,Chris Jasper received the German Record Critics Lifetime Achievement Award (“Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik”). In 2016, Chris was awarded the National R&B
Society Lifetime Achievement Award.

Thanks Chris Jasper for your words of excellence! Congratulations on your success! Tune in below to hear what the writer of the Isley Brothers songs has to share with Dee Dee about building and advice to young upcoming Musicians.



I was Born in Chicago got my first piano at 6 years-of-age and have been show business bound ever since! My most memorable moment is when Michael Jackson jumped off a stage into my arms!  I Studied Music at Tennessee State University and later became the lead singer for  “Fulfillment n Joy ” in Charleston, South Carolina as well as a Jazz vocalist on Beale Street in Memphis Tennessee. I love God and I believe in developing value in others! I love to talk and I love people.

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