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The Felesha Love Show covers wellness in all areas affecting our human right to  a better quality of life. Join the #1 Wellness Strategist, Felesha Love as she collaborates with industry leaders to discuss milestones, issues and challenges that affect our daily lives as we strive for more positive experiences and opportunities to build stronger families and communities. Listen along with your friends to The Felesha Love Show and The MySpiritFitness Wellness Moment on The LMB Network.

About Felesha

Felesha Love invigorates the champion in us all with over three decades writing, teaching, coaching, consulting and broadcasting all things about healthy change.  Her experience as a popular Radio One Atlanta morning show co-host and certified fitness pro transformed her as executive producer and Radio/TV host of wellness inspired programs like “The Felesha Love Show,”The MySpiritFitness© Wellness Moment” and “Yoga With Love.” She is a celebrated educator for creatively expanding wellness education into businesses and communities. When she’s not in the studio, Felesha travels across the country facilitating MSF seminars and MSF destination wellness retreats which are rooted in the wellness pedagogy she developed while writing course curriculum as a faculty member at Spelman College for seven years. Felesha has two undergraduate degrees, a MBA and she is author of Brave Leap to Freedom: Integrating Mind, Body, and Spirit to Cultivate Healthy Relationships. In one of her most recent projects, as a Board Associate of the National Black Radio Hall of Fame, Felesha implemented the Black Women in Radio initiative to excavate the rich stories of the women behind the microphone and their contributions to the black history and culture.




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