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The Labro corporation, Inc. (Also known as The Company) is the parent company of Memphis-based, LMB Network (, which is an entertainment/music website and radio station Affiliates.

The Company was started on August 1, 2010 by its Founder and Chairman Wiley Brown Sr. The objective is to provide quality programs to our audience, and programming content to radio stations across the country and throughout the world. The LMB Network, is a 24/7 radio station that broadcasts a variety of programs (i.e. R & B, Urban AC, Jazz, Gospel, Wellness, Reggae, Southern Soul and Blues).

​The Company has added a number of affiliates and programs. To continue growth, “we will partner with other stations, add more programs, seek syndication deals and produce LIVE events,” said President Thomas Anderson. “Also, I want to increase visibility of the LMB Brand.”

The LMB Network, is dedicated to serving the community through Public Service Programs, Special Events and Marketing Campaigns. The LMB Network has an affiliate in Toronto, Canada and airs a Blues program that originates from New Zealand. We are always seeking to partner with other radio stations from around the world.